Certified Project Management

Advance Telecoms offer a Project Management Service that assures its clients of a structured project that they can rely on. The Project Management team have extensive experience as well as having studied and gained certifiable project management qualifications. Regular update meetings are held throughout the project ensure client satisfaction.

Site Surveys

Site Surveys are a very important part of any project as they provide an opportunity for us at Advance Telecoms to deliver a more accurate solution for our clients to consider. Our experience at this level allows us to offer advice to the client and to discuss any changes to their original thoughts on the project. And in some cases has reduced the original cost projections for clients.

Material Requisitions

Advance Telecoms carry a wide range of materials related to the communications cabling sector. This allows us to deliver materials from stock so keeping delays to a minimum. We regularly check stock levels to ensure that sufficient materials are available to meet deadlines set out by our clients project needs.