Advance Telecoms working with our approved suppliers offer a full range of broadcast connectors and cables to suit every application.

Lemo 3K.93C Connector Series
The LEMO 3K.93C connector series has proven itself in many different applications from studio and stadium installations to regular OB van use. The system has increasingly been used at all major Olympic events, and will be found at Madison Square Gardens, the Royal Opera House and most of the football arenas in Germany. Manufactured in stainless steel, the 3K.93C connector incorporates the highly reliable LEMO push-pull latching system and is suitable for up to 20,000 mating cycles and above. The LEMO HDTV Camera connectors use the F2 type Fibre Optic contact. This contact employs ceramic technology in order to achieve optical performance of the highest standard. Simple and fast polishing ensures physical contact of the fibre end faces, and the same basic contact is used in all of the connector models.

LEMO FHE & FWE Hermaphroditic IP 68 Push-Pull Connectors
The LEMO Hermaphroditic series provide a rugged high performance patented push-pull hermaphroditic interconnection system. These genderless connectors combine LEMO’s well proven push-pull latching technology in our terminated assemblies, combining to provide our standard high quality optical and electrical contacts. The main features of these series are: – The security of LEMO’s new patented push-pull hermaphroditic self-latching system – Two shell sizes, known as SH and MH series – Rugged waterproof (IP 68) version for all outdoor applications – Choice of multi-fibre or electrical contacts configurations – Lightweight design with shell in anthracite nickel-plated aluminium alloy – Low loss ceramic PC technology in multimode and singlemode – Gold plated electrical contacts. Each series consists of plug and socket which will accept cable diameter ranging from 3.6 mm to 10 mm. Initial product program is to provide solutions with 2, 4 or 6 fibre optic channels and 6 or 12 electrical contacts. FHE Connector- A straight plug with cable adapter or collet & nut with bend relief (FHE meets IP 68 when in a mated condition) FWE Connector- A fixed plug with nut fixing (FEW meets IP 68 when in a mated condition)

Delphi 4 Channel Hermaphroditic Fibre Optic Cable Connectors
The Delphi 4 Channel Hermaphroditic Fibre Optic Connector is designed for harsh environment applications. Typical applications include commercial broadcast cable, field deployment, military tactical field usage, ship to shore, and petroleum field exploration. The design benefits include a design which will link (concatenate) to identical connectors without regard to connector gender, 2 or 4 fibre optic channel options, both singlemode and multimode compatibility in the same connector, ruggedness designed to withstand crush, impact, cable pull-out, cable twist, bending, water and mud immersion, and many other harsh environment conditions. This connector design has a long term proven reliability record in both military and commercial applications, and carries numerous MIL, TIA/EIA approvals.

Fischer 1053 Connectors
The 1053 HDTV connector provides the answers that the broadcast industry has been waiting for. Now, camera manufacturers, mobile facility providers, production centres and broadcast studios are all free to choose a fibre optic connector which provides the most effective, innovative solution to both ease and fully exploit their transition to HDTV. Accessing world-class fibre optic technology, the 1053 is the result of a long-term, exclusive partnership with Corning. The 1053, and its integrated Corning UniCam fibre optic contact, completely eliminates the need for epoxy and polishing during termination. The 1053 is both practical and economical to assemble and repair, in the studio and in the field. The 1053 is fully SMPTE signal and cable compliant, employing two single-mode fibre contacts, two high voltage contacts, and two signal contacts.

Mini 3G HD/SDI Transmitter and Receiver
Mini HD/SDI modules are miniature fibre optic serial digital video transmission modules that offer the industrys' broadest range of digital rates while maintaining the signal quality that broadcasters demand. No matter what your format, the modules allow you to transmit: - SMPTE 424M/297M (1080p -- 2.97Gbps) - SMPTE 292M/297M (HDTV -- 1.485Gbps) - SMPTE 259M/297M (SDTV -- 270/360Mbps) The transmitter accepts a 75ohm coaxial input and converts it into an optical stream via a standard ST connector. The receiver unit reconverts the uncompressed signal back to BNC output. At just three inches in length, these tiny modules can be deployed almost anywhere. The transmitter modules include equalization for long lengths of coaxial cable, so you can use them at nearly any point in your HD/SDI chain. Both the transmitter and receiver modules include LED indicators to display Power On, HD/SDI signal presence and Received Optical Power levels. These provide critical system diagnostic information at a glance without a need for additional test equipment, such as an optical power meter. The modules use their own power supply or accept any DC voltage from 5 to 16 volt. No vulnerable power dongles to break off. This jack also includes provisions for SNMP monitoring.
Stratos Hermaphroditic HMA Series
The HMA series connector is a small hybrid hermaphroditic connector suited for a vast array of applications. The innovative design ensures its ability for deployment in the toughest of environments where high performance and total reliability are critical. Benefiting from the Stratos expanded beam technology, the precision optical alignment system creates immunity from water, mud, dust oil and other contaminants. The HMA hermaphroditic coupling eliminates the need for adaptors and male and female mating halves. Hermaphroditic housings allow for rapid deployment, creating low loss singlemode, multimode and hybrid daisy chained links in a variety of platforms ranging from simplex fibre to a copper hybrid. The HMA is ideally suited for environmental extremities where low maintenance and quick repairabilty is necessary, and the connectors can be field installable and rapidly field repairable.

Stratos HX1080 Connectors
The Stratos HX-1080 Series HD & SD TV non-contact connectors are hybrid fibre /electrical connectors, and are backed by more than 25 years experience with expanded beam (EB) fibre connector technology. In support of the deployment of HDTV and progressing from the limitations of legacy fibre contacting connector interfaces, Stratos has drawn on its unique experience for the development of the HX-1080 Broadcast Series. With world leading singlemode EB optical performance using protected lensed fibres, the Stratos HX-1080 is designed to meet and exceed the generic requirements of the SMPTE specifications. On cameras at Studio or OB locations, HX-1080 connectors provide a solution that will work first time, every time. Offering unrivalled performance and versatility with low cost de-skilled field re-instatement solutions, and worldwide support, the HX-1080 is now set to become a new bench-mark for hybrid connectors in the challenging Broadcast environment.

Hybrid Broadcast Crossover Assemblies
Advance Telecoms manufacture an extensive and varied range of Hybrid Crossover Assemblies for the Broadcast Industry, for use within our own tailor made splicing panels, and also within the customer's own equipment and systems. Working directly with your engineers and systems designers, we can manufacture these precision assemblies using the widest range of broadcast connector types available.